Thursday, February 15, 2007

Phasing out the esp2002

Whoa...can you believe it? I am actually phasing out the account. I am moving over to the new server. If I want you to know it, you already know it. If not, don't ask.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

OK. So I messed up the blog.

Don't go to the new blog location yet. Apparently, I messed it up. So stay here for now.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

What's going down in just a few weeks.

Yep. Just a few weeks and then it's Anaheim to go see MercyMe, Audio Adrenaline, and Phil Wickham. I am super excited. It's backstage passes. It's autographs. A small group of close friends and my fiancee. It's good times.

I know I need some cheering up...that's for sure. I mean, the Padres are out. I haven't been blogging because of this weird idea that if I so much as mention them or watch them on TV--they'll lose.

Well, they lost.

So yeah, I have got this awesome concert, a drifting event for my brother's birthday, some dinners with old classmates, and perhaps a few driving range visits to look forward to during the rest of this very quick month.

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Why is it...when I watch the game on TV, they end up losing?

Yep. Padres' game tonight was not too good. The odds were against the Diamondbacks, yet--they won. Why?

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Much in the way of updates, time--not so much.

*Currently watching the Padres game (versus the Diamonbacks--tonight, they take the NL championship!)

Anyhow, there's been plenty of stuff happening in the past few days. A Hawk Nelson & Runkidrun concert, two days off work..., HP buying Voodoo PC, the Padres about to be NL Champs. If I hit a topic you want to discuss, see you in the comments.

So that's what's been going on in my neck of the woods.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Naprosyn rocks the house.

So I am running into my usual bi-monthly bouts with arthritic pain. My ankle and foot are swollen, so much so that the usually quite oversized and loose Crocs that adorn said foot actually is too tight.

I have lived with this pain for several years. I remember back in college, taking 18 Advil pills in one sitting while laying back at a friends house. His mom was looking at me like--whoa, you better not be overdosing and dying on my couch. Then sometime in 2004, my doctor introduced me to Naprosyn. 1 pill every so often, and I am good. Well, at least can tolerate it a little more. Sometimes I take two.

This morning, I took two and the pain is sort of going away. I fear, however, when my body begins to get used to it and I no longer feel the benefits of Naprosyn. What do I do? Vicodin doesn't seem to work as well on this. And all this presription drug try-outs seem to be messing around with el'kidney.

Any recommendations?

Monday, September 25, 2006

Spoiled kids suck.

If you read the other post, you can see what I did this past weekend.

Well, while preparing for the trip up to Murrieta, my fiancee and I decided that it would behoove us to use this time for working on our wedding website. As my entire design sit on the hard drive of my Mac Mini, I decided that it would be good to bring it along and work on it up there, tweaking the design and adding content and stuff. Since it was a generation 1 mini, which did not have Wifi built-in, I was trying to configure my 802.11b bridge to work with the Mac. After more than an hour, and needing to rush to hit up Costco for some gas, I had a total and absolutely crazed technology fit.

I was violent against that useless crappy networking bridge and on the fence about taking my Mac Mini with me. It was weird. I was about to throw away the bridge in a rage, but instead haphazardly took my Windows laptop and left my Mac disconnected at home. I drove away recklessly (for me, at least) sucking up extra gas to get to the Costco off Market. The entire way, I was complaining the ear off my fiancee about how I needed a Mac laptop. I actually felt that I needed it so I could design on the go. I felt better after I got more food in me (care of Ikea), bought some large picture frames and had my trusty woman at my side.

Well, after leaving San Diego for the weekend, I sat like a lazy slob in front of my parent's huge HDTV absorbing the Discovery channel, some food network, and VH1. Then I saw part of some show that pissed me off. It's about these stuck up little spoiled kids who get whatever their little heart desires. This one girl got this R&B singer for her birthday to attend her party as well as a large SUV and America's first Eclipse Spyder. I wasn't jealous--seriously--I just have this soapbox about what little kids really need and how spoiled youngsters grow up to be spoiled older pricks who get whatever their grown up plastic surgery if-you-can-even-call-it-one heart. You know the type. The ones you just want to punch in the face.

Then this morning, on the way to work, I had this weird thought. I actually saw parallels between my behavior and the little spoiled kids' behavior. It was disgusting. I was a little brat on Saturday. I threw a fit like a chubby kid who can't have another Oreo cookie.

In retrospect, I couldn't believe how insane it was for me to get all crazy about not having a Mac laptop. I mean, I am perhaps the poster boy for technological excess. I have a laptop dedicated to my HDTV, with a dual-tuner and a large hard drive hidden away in the cabinet. Then I have an old Dell laptop under my bed. Then there's the nice x64 red Ferrari laptop that has provided me with mobile computer PC happiness. Then there's the two laptops I have dedicate to some Stanford Folding. Not to mention the sweet PC setup with three LCD displays connected. And then there's the little Mac sitting, never giving me any problems, atop a RAID of external hard drives.

So now that I am simmered down from that whole thing, have my opinions on what I really need (technologically speaking) changed?

Not really. Well, sort of, but not really.

For now, sitting at my desk to get all my Mac needs catered to will have to do. No coffee and Mac laptop love while sitting like a bohemian at a Starbucks. No pleasing cool white apple logo illuminating my lap while kids are ringing the doorbell for some Halloween candy.

What will happen, however, is that I will delay my purchase. I can afford to get one right now, but I think this technological discipline is a step in the right direction for my techno-lust affliction.

Anyway, I have to wait until OSX Leopard comes out, not to mention the iLife 7 suite and the Core2Duo-based mobile processors.

I mean, can you imagine the fit I would throw if I buy one now only to have better tech stuffed into the matte aluminum laptop one month later?

It's what's for dinner.

Another nice weekend. Hung out with Billifer again on Friday after a quick jaunt to various Fashion Valley stores. I got to touch an actual Mitchell & Ness Cooperstown throwback Padres jersey. There was a wedding shower/luau that I went to on Saturday. I got to play a perverted toilet paper/fly swatter game in front of a large room of Filipinos. After that, I was preparing for a weekend up at my parent's house, where I could possibly learn how to cook Thai food and go for a bike ride.

I ended up not cooking Thai food or going on a bike ride. Instead, I watched development on the Bering Strait bridge and saw a group of A-list actors (Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Dylan McDermott, and possibly LL Cool J) screw up their career cache by partaking in a movie with Justin Timberlake. It's called Edison Force. The movie was straight to DVD and is possibly worth the rental just to see excellent actors mail their performances in. Also watched The Wild (eh) and Lucky Number Slevin (pretty good).

What I ate this weekend:

  1. Banana Coconut Frappucino
  2. Unlimited french fries
  3. Bleu cheese hamburger
  4. Chinese fried rice
  5. Stir fry
  6. Tons of filipino food at the luau
  7. Clam chowder
  8. Uno burger with cheddar and bacon
  9. More french fries

Now I am just waiting for a nutritionist to leave a comment about wanting to do studies on my stomach.

Friday, September 22, 2006

This blog is brought to you by Costco

No, I am not looking into any type of subsidized blogging (though it would be cool).

Rather, I am talking about talking about my trash can. In it, after taking down my drink, I notice an empty soy milk carton, a few tissues, an empty carcass of a weight loss shake, and (ironically) next to it sits an empty bag of Cheetos. All of these products that I have purchased from Costco. The tissues, drink and soy milk are Kirkland (a Costco brand) and the chips are from that huge 50 pack of small chip bags purchased at Costco.

I wonder how Costco chips would taste like.

Membership socialist USSR Costco. It's kind of funny, if you think about it. We all get in line, by the same things made by the same people who also provide my gas.

Anyway, I still like Costco.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

What's going down, my homies?

It appears to be a fairly slow day for me. I finally got my beta of Office 2007 Technical Refresh working with my PDA and running properly. After the first hour or so of slow performance, and--oh yeah--not being able to open any of my documents, I finally figured out what was up. It seems that my antivirus (circa 2002) does not support the technical refresh of beta office software supposedly coming out the first quarter of next year. Go figure.

Anyhow, I solved that simply by disabling the Office Protect feature.

What else, what else. Oh yeah, I had this dream where I was losing all this weight and I was having a hard time getting used to my look. I was goofy looking. Probably bouncing around in a bubblegum ball the size of a chair in a weird pink (pink, as in a comedic look inside a human's lungs kind of pink) didn't help. Anyhow, point is that I was skinny. That was strange.

I also watched the Padres game last night. I was bummed to see David Wells not win his first game back this season. We lost, yes, but are still first place in the NL West. The Dodger's lost, too--which was good.

OK. I'm about out of steam. Till the next time.

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